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Dream Up & design
a PROFITABLE business built around your

You don't need permission to dream again & you do have time for you.

These 3 Adventures are Powered by 1 Dream & 1 Guide & 1 You!


Bring Your Idea to Life -

Bring Your Idea to Life

When you aren't sure where or how to start your idea (business, project, etc.), life can be  tough and confusing. I can assure you that dreams come to life when backed by action.

If you are ready to  stop thinking about your ideas and start taking action, click below for a free ride into entrepreneurship!

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Gain Idea Clarity = $0


Bring Your Business to Life -

Bring Your Business to Life

When you are excited about a new idea or aren't excited or sure about your current business, it's time to assess, appraise and acknowledge where you've been, so I can get you on track to where you want to go. 

In addition to lifestyle business design, we'll systemize your revenue, sales and success.

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Assess Your Business = $500


Bring Your Brand to Life -

Bring Your Brand to Life
Branding creates implied value and delivers word-of-mouth referrals (when done right). 

Essentially, it’s a promise delivery game; you need clarity and focus when you want to play and win.

Brand (You) Validation (You are Worthy) arrives when activated internally to shine externally.

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Validate Your Brand = $500

Don't want to waste any more time? Want it all?

Cool! I will offer you an all-inclusive (Idea, Business & Brand) adventure for only $750 (save $250).

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What others experience after I meet & activate them:

Friendly Neighbor & "Power up!® Seminar" Participant


[Test Pilot: Secret Power Shirt]

My experience with Kathy has been enlightening and inspiring.

Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Kathy takes on a project and does not let go until it has succeeded to her expectations. I am grateful for what she has taught me.

Mary Ross Smith

Soul Survivor

Laughter Buddy & "Ladies Who Brand, Inc." Client


[Test Pilot: Connect My Dots]

Kathy was very instrumental in organizing who my authentic self was with ease and grace as I was crying over my identity crisis (a.k.a. “Who the heck am I?”).

She is incredibly intuitive and knows how to help people quickly answer this common question, along with narrowing down what services to offer and know who I served best, while providing strategical guidance and motivation just when I needed it most!

Jennifer Shaffer
World-Renowned Evidential Intuitive Medium
One Beautiful Chaos

Toastmasters Friend & Speaking Coach


[Test Pilot: Entrepreneur Hat]

Kathy provides great insight and training in personal branding. Her ability to help one focus on just who they are and who they can become is extraordinary.

She is highly recommended to entrepreneurs and leaders in any capacity.

Robert Smith
Award Winning Storyteller
Narrative Advantage