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About Kathy Bass

Global Entrepreneur Educator & Speaker

We Are All Born to BE ALIVE

Aware | Limitless | Intentional | Valuable | Expressive

As an adventurous traveler, I embrace uncertainty while being grounded and welcome change, plus any unexpected upgrades.


Even though I'm still climbing mountains (with various heights and views), I can clearly see that an important and integral part of our journey [no matter where we are] is paying sharp attention to your energy, so you don't deplete it or misuse it ... in order to truly #OwnIt

Belief | A>B Process | Key Values

You Can Activate Your #PersonalPower at Anytime

We all want to get from Point A to Point B, otherwise, we're not growing. Yes, it's uncomfortable learning how to embrace uncertainty, but so worth it to create an incredible life.

We always have 2 choices [no matter who we are]
1 - Change the situation
2 - Change our thinking about the situation

Top 2 Key Values: Truth & Making the Effort to Become Effortless

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